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Your  Staff

The only way to have a dynamic and sustainable youth ministry is to have a group of leaders that LOVE Jesus and LOVE students.  Here at First Church of Jonesboro, we have just that.  

We are so blessed to be led by quite possibly the most talented and loving group of folks you can and will find anywhere! Each and everyone of these folks is an integral part to what God is doing in and through

First Youth.


Each leader is vetted and back ground checked for the safety of your kiddo! You can be assured that we here at First Youth are being super intentional about creating the safe and fun environment you are looking for.

We use words like, STAFF, TEAM, COOPERATION.  It's NEVER about one person. We use these words as the foundation of something that God is utilizing to build His kingdom!

Holly and Dustin Ichida

Holly snd Dustin are the leads of the ministry at First Church.  They have been married since 2001 and have 2 beautiful kiddos, Grace a 9th grader and Gavin a 6th grader.  They also have 2 super cool dogs, Sonny a yellow lab and Daisy a golden retriever puppy! They could not be more excited to be at First Church!

Amy Caplinger

Amy is a co-leader for the 7th and 8th grade girls small group. Amy is mom to Stone and Olivia and wife to Eric. Amy bakse some of the greatest brownies, which is just super cool!

Brian Graf

Brian is a co leader for the 7th and 8th grade boys small group! Brian is husband to Brenda and dad to Travis and Ashley. Brian is super clumsy and has a hilarious story about him and a ladder. Which is super awesome!

Ty Keller

Ty Keller is the co-leader of the 9th grade boys small group. He is married to Jenny and daddy to puppy Miller! Ask Ty about an incident with a locker and a drug sniffing dog. Story is super funny and makes him super cool!

Eli Leonard

Eli is the co-leader of the 10th and 11th grade boys small group.  Eli is the current First Youth Assistant minister with students. He is a local kid that in his time at JHS compiled 6 state championship rings which is way cool!

Melissa Phillips

Melissa is a co leader for the 9th grade girls small group! She's married to Marc and mom to Matthew, Caleb, Zach, and Jared. Melissa might be a bigger dog lover then Holly and I. Which is super cool!

Janea Spades

Janea is a co leader for the 12th grade girls small group. Janea is mom to Abby Jane and wife to Billy. Janea owns an indoor pig named Ruby Mae which is so so awesome!

Chris George

Chris is a co leader for our 12th grade guys small group! He's married to Stacey and pops to Cade and Cole. Chris might be a little infatuated with Elfie. Which is super funny!

Renee Harmon

Renee is a co leader for the 10th and 11th grade girls small group! She's married to David and momma to Seth. Renee has two dogs, Hannah and Toby. Toby might could have a blue tail and ears. Which is super amazing!

Christi Lemmons

Chrsiti is a co leader for the 10th and 11th grade girls small group! Chrsiti is wife to Scott and mom to Max, Mason, and Landon. Chrsiti is a coffee lover and might  just bring amazing Onyx coffee to Dustin. Which is amazing!

Marc Phillips

Marc is a co leader for the 7th and 8th grade boys small group! He's married to Melissa and dad to Matthew, Caleb, Zach, and Jared. Marc is a Disney World freak. Which is super cool!

Christie Prestidge

Christie is a table leader in the First Cafe. She is married to Jeff and momma to Brayden, Madeline, Brodey, and Caroline. Christie is the master rhymer in her house which makes her the flyest on the staff which is cool!

Joe Spades

Joe is a co leader for the 9th grade boys small group! Joe is husband to Megan and dad to Gracie, Holt, and Stella Rose. Joe is an amazing dentist in town and LOVES classic rock music. Which is super awesome

Donna Trevathan

Donna is a co leader for the 12th grade girls small group! Donnas is wife to Dan and mom to Donna, Sophie, Ryan, and Tracy. When she grows up she wants to be on the ski patrol. Which is super awesome

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