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Dad if your listening...

Today the A team (G spades, Carol Pick, Mad Eves, Grace Ichida, and Mc Hammer) painted a homeless shelter's deck. Personally I feel we could have painted the whole thing with a bucket of my own sweat. Other than that it was quite nice, learning about what it takes when 40-60 people rely on this shelter to feed them, probably the only meal they'll eat that day . Doing it with only 600$ a month. The B and C teams (lamer and lacking in the talent department) picked up sticks all day. Lame. But helpful I suppose. Jesus probably doesn't care. They did get to see a peacock though. Like cool I guess; I have a dog too. Bye for now. Shoutout to my dad.

ps. they're making me wake up at 5:30 so I guess I should sleep.

pps. We keep eating Mexican food. Why? I don't know. Also we went to the Zoo. Fun, we got to ride a shuttle bus.

Sincerely, Mary Claire McNabb

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